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Faith, Finances, and Favor shows the believer how important it is to work or implement the principles to honor God. It reveals that giving is an obligation, privilege, dimension of stewardship, kingdom investment, and worship.

In this book you will discover such things as:

  • What God respects

  • What God responds to

  • What God rewards

  • What pleases God

"Don't Get It Twisted" is written for a wakeup call to the Body of Christ, the Church and believers as a whole. Everything about religious liberty, life, marriage, family and the future of mankind is under a satanic attack through distortion and perversion to disrupt God's original plan and purpose. 

The contents of this book shines divine light on all satanic encroachments, demonic entrenchment and political correctness, which under the cover of darkness, have created  these delusionary and social impeding issues that are diabolically opposing God's original plan and purpose for life,  marriage, family and the future of mankind.

The Mind Matters teaches us biblical principles of how and why God wants our minds renewed. This book deals with one's emotions, intellect, will and imagination. The mind is a wonderful, intricate creation with treasures in store for those who persevere in its discipline. The renewing of the mind causes problems. To understand the things of God, there must be a renewing of the mind. God will stretch your mind! Once your mind is stretched, you will change. You must understand that renewing the mind is not optional, but a necessity. We are natural-minded people, but we profess to live a spiritual and natural-minded lifestyle, with the spiritual mind set in control. (See II Corinthians 10:4-6). The reason God wants our mind renewed to the things of the Kingdom is so our earthly minds can be lifted up to heavenly benefits. (See Isaiah 55:8-9 & John 8:12, 23). Our minds must be changed and renewed by God's power for us to fully understand the Word of God. A renewed mind is a mind that is back where God wants it to be, so that our minds can function properly. As you face the many challenges along the way in the process of growth, especially in regard to the mind, you will be rewarded with treasures at each level of positive change.

Leadership is paramount for fulfilling purpose and reaching destiny in life. Leaders are not born they are developed into leadership.  I challenge you to read this book with an open heart and experience the knowledge and wisdom that will catapult you into a devoted mindset to find and follow a quality leader so you can be developed into the quality leader that God has ordained you to be.

Freedom: The Spirit of Liberty teaches us that life before the new birth is a life of diabolical bondage inherited by the Adamic nature and by satanic influences. It takes accountability and responsibility, even in light of a predetermined or inevitable course, to take control of your own destiny. No man can give you freedom or make you free. Only the truth can make you free indeed (John 8:32)

Image, Ability, and Focus teaches us all of the necessary ingredients for total success in life. Man goes from one activity to another, from one occupation to another and from one curriculum to another trying to find significance or purpose yet is still without focus.  Man's true image predetermines his God-given, natural abilities

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